Custom turned newel posts

Posted on Sep 26, 2012 in Stairs, Woodwork
Custom turned newel posts

Even though this stair will already feature a ferrum banister and several hand-carved volutes, we are also custom turning two newel posts in solid sapele for the start of the run.

It starts with two squared-up blanks, glued up to ensure stability and evenness.

The lather must then be set up with the correct pattern and dialed in to make sure every part of the process is functioning smoothly; sharp knives, rpm, feed rate, depth sets, etc.

Material must be removed a little at a time; too much and the piece may crack or split.  We take care at this point to inspect the quality of the cut and make any necessary adjustments before the final pass.

When working correctly, the cutters ought to be peeling off a ‘cornflake’ of wood similar to a pencil sharpener.

All sanded up and ready to go, having this equipment and tooling allows us to make every component in-house, rather than buy off-the-shelf parts for our stairs.  Just another level of our process that is truly custom and above all, made here in the USA.

And there they are!  One-of-a-kind posts for a one-of-a-kind stair!