Our Ferrum Balustrade System was developed over the better part of the last decade to bring something new and unique to our high-end clientele.  By experimenting with different design and fabrication techniques, we were able to create something totally unique and different.

The system consists of 1/2″ steel panels attached to the floor and railing at regular intervals with steel posts.  The panels are cut out with a CNC hi-definition plasma cutter to any design imaginable.  The panels themselves are scaleable from as short as 1 foot to up to 10 feet long.

Instead of relying on traditional banister and railing combinations, or individual spindles, posts, and balusters, this system opens up endless design possibilities.

The system is readily adapted to any space needing a unique guardrail.  While it was developed for high-end custom stairs, it can be used for balconies, exterior rail projects, door screens, and room partitions in addition to a stair railing system.

We are now able to offer this stair system at a much more affordable price, contact us today to get a free quote on a ferrum balustrade system for your home.

To see more stunning examples of this system check out our portfolio and click on the ‘ferrum’ option!

By having a library of designs, we can quickly and easily create panel layouts for any space.  Custom design options are available as well for an added cost, as well as rounded panels or hand-forged details.

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